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Welcome to Klaiber's Sewing Center

Klaiber's Sewing Center is a quilt shop, located in Bloomington, Indiana, owned and operated by Glen and Rose Hilderbrand.

In 2005 Glen and Rose bought an existing business that only did sewing machine and vacuum repairs. It was soon decided that vacuums are usually really dirty when they come in to be repaired, so the repair business for vacuums was discontinued, because the dirt and dust from the vacuums got in the air, and wasn't a good environment for the sewing machines. In 2007, Rose retired from teaching and decided to put fabrics in all the "extra" space they had. Now the "extra" space is filled to the brim with fabrics, precuts, and notions!! Yes! We still do sewing machine service and repair! We are open 9 - 5PM, eastern time, and 9 - 3 PM on Saturday. If we aren't at the store, you will meet our very capable right hand lady, Shirley LeGroux. COME SEE US SOON!!

Does your technician need sewing machine parts that aren't available to purchase new? Contact us!! Glen has a warehouse full of old machines that have many usable parts on them. Most makes and models are available.